More gas-station comestibles! A pit stop along the Long Island Expressway yielded up Wonka Tinglerz. “What,” you say, “the 1959 horror movie starring Vincent Price?” Sadly, no. Wonka Tinglerz are essentially chocolate-covered Pop Rocks, and yes, they are just as weird as that sounds.

The package

The candy spilling out. Should candy look like rabbit droppings? I think not.

The candy in my hand

There’s a strong cheap-chocolate smell when you first open the package. The chocolate is middling, but you tend to forget it’s even there once the candy starts popping.

The first couple of nuggets I tasted didn’t actually have any pop to them, making me wonder if I was wrong and this was just a chocolate-coated crispy rice candy. But the next few went off dramatically, popping and pinging against my teeth in that peculiar way that Pop Rocks have. I offered some to my husband to taste; he also found them weird, especially the rather unpleasant knocking effect you get if you bite down on one.

“I’d probably like these if I were five,” he concluded. “For a day.”

Not recommended (especially by dentists, I am sure), but oddly compelling.

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  1. Laurie says:

    That is just so wrong. I thought maybe we interpreted the wrapper wrong. Who thinks of these things?

  2. Right? I don’t think I’d even have thought of it as a joke. I’m a little sorry we didn’t all try it at the party–but trust me, you are not sorry to have missed this particular taste sensation. (Of course if you do want to try it, you know where to find the Beer Igloo.)

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